MIMO 4x4 Link Level Simulations in Anisotropic Channel Environments

Istvan Janos Szini, Nick Buris

Publikation: Working paperForskning


MIMO Over the Air (OTA) Measurements in controlled enviromments has been investigated both in academia (1-2) and industry standardization Groups (3-4). A several year effort to define MIMO OTA test methodologies, adequate channel models (5), channel model validation methods (6), etc. resulted in a Multi Probe Anechoic Chamber (MPAC) to serve as a reference for MIMO OTA performance certification for 2x2 downlink only. While efforts were made to cenverge MIMO OTA Measurements with simulations, the closest results were achieved when adopting the concept of Absolute Data Throughput Framework (ADTF) (7), where conducted and radiated Measurements are used to validate the proper emulation of spatial channel model in controlled environments. This paper introduces an alternative method to assess link performance by combining electromagnetic and system simulations to address the concepts defined in the MIMO OTA standardization Groups.
StatusUdgivet - 2017


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