Monitoring foaming potential in anaerobic digesters

Chenjing Jiang, Rong Qi, Liping Hao, Simon Jon McIlroy, Per Halkjær Nielsen

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Foaming in anaerobic digestion (AD) systems for biogas generation can give serious operational problems. The cause of such foaming events is often unclear, and it is therefore not an easy task to predict and subsequently apply preventative measures. Methods for the measurement of the foaming potential of digester sludge are often implemented, but no standardized method is available. In this study, we investigated parameters influencing the foam formation during experimental aeration tests of full-scale digester sludge, including air flow, time, and total solids concentration, and proposed an optimized method for standard use. In a survey of 16 full-scale AD systems located at wastewater treatment plants in Denmark, all sludge samples were classified into three groups (non-foaming, pre-foaming, and actually foaming) according to their foam height/propensity and stability. Extensive surveillance of plants with the proposed classification system will enable the determination of cut-off values to help to identify foaming or pre-foaming sludge, and to associate these with operational conditions leading to foaming episodes.

TidsskriftWaste Management
Sider (fra-til)280-288
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - maj 2018