Mycomerge: Fabrication of Mycelium-Based Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites on a Rattan Framework

Mai Thi Nguyen, Daniela Solueva, Evgenia Spyridonos, Hanaa Dahy

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There is an essential need for a change in the way we build our physical environment. To prevent our ecosystems from collapsing, raising awareness of already available bio-based materials is vital. Mycelium, a living fungal organism, has the potential to replace conventional materials, having the ability to act as a binding agent of various natural fibers, such as hemp, flax, or other agricultural waste products. This study aims to showcase mycelium’s load-bearing capacities when reinforced with bio-based materials and specifically natural fibers, in an alternative merging design approach. Counteracting the usual fabrication techniques, the proposed design method aims to guide mycelium’s growth on a natural rattan framework that serves as a supportive structure for the mycelium substrate and its fiber reinforcement. The rattan skeleton is integrated into the finished composite product, where both components merge, forming a fully biodegradable unit. Using digital form-finding tools, the geometry of a compressive structure is computed. The occurring multi-layer biobased component can support a load beyond 20 times its own weight. An initial physical prototype in furniture scale is realized. Further applications in architectural scale are studied and proposed.

Udgave nummer2
Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2022


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