Norddesign 2012 - Book of Abstract

Poul H. Kyvsgård Hansen (Redaktør), John Rasmussen (Redaktør), Kaj Asbjørn Jørgensen (Redaktør), Christian Tollestrup (Redaktør)

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Welcome to NordDesign2012. This conference is the ninth in a row of biannual conferences organized by technical universities in the Nordic region.

The first conference was held in Helsinki in 1996, and at this initial conference it was agreed to organize 10 conferences before deciding on the future fate of the ideas behind the conferences.

In that view the conferences have been thematically open and the organization has been tight with a limited number of participants that allows a good overview of all the papers and a lot of informal discussion between the participants.

The present conference has been organized in line with the original ideas. The topics mentioned in the call for abstracts were:

Product Development:
Integrated, Multidisciplinary, Product life oriented and Distributed.
Multi-product Development.
Innovation and Business Models.
Engineering Design and Industrial Design.
Conceptualisation and Innovative thinking.
Research approaches and topics:
Human Behaviour and Cognition.
Cooperation and Multidisciplinary Design.
Staging and Management of Design. Communication in Design.
Design education and teaching:
Programmes and Syllabuses.
New Courses.
Integrated and Multi-disciplinary.
We received more than 140 abstracts and through the review process this have resulted in approximately 70 accepted papers. One of the new research fields included in this conference is the area of Biomechanics – hence the cover graphics of the conference proceedings.

With this short introduction we encourage you to study and reflect upon the topics and content of the accepted papers. And not at least to let this inspire you in fruitful discussions during the conference
ForlagCenter for Industrial Production, Aalborg University and The Design Society, University of Strathclyde
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ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-91831-51-5
StatusUdgivet - aug. 2012
BegivenhedNordDesign - Aalborg, Danmark
Varighed: 22 aug. 201224 aug. 2012