Nordic Noir: Style, locations and the crisis of the welfare state

Kim Toft Hansen (Producent)

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Welcome to the fourth module of Euro Noir: Transcultural Identities in European Popular Crime Narratives. This course module is about Nordic Noir.
In this part of the course you will:

•Identify Nordic Noir as a local and transnational phenomenon
•Discover the main characteristics of Nordic Noir
•Explore the role of place in Nordic Noir
•Understand the influence of Nordic Noir beyond the Nordic region
•Acknowledge the role of social critique in Nordic Noir

The module is divided into three subsections.

1.In the first section “Defining Nordic Noir” you will work with the main works of Nordic Noir. You will learn how to characterize Nordic Noir as style and content.

2.In the second section “Locating Nordic Noir” you will analyse the role of places and locations in Nordic Noir. You will understand how Nordic Noir localizes stories in the Nordic region.

3.In the third and last section “From Nordic Noir to Euro Noir” you will see how Nordic Noir has influenced crime narratives beyond the Nordic region. You will work with stylistic and locative features of non-Nordic crime narratives.

Publikationsdatoapr. 2021
StørrelseMOOC subsection
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2021


  • Nordic Noir
  • genre studies
  • location studies
  • transculturality
  • crime narratives


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