Occupant Controlled Lighting: Investigation of the Method of Adjustment

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The studies presented in this thesis explore opportunities and limitations of using the method of adjustment for occupant controlled lighting. The method of adjustment is studied with respect to occupant preferences and energy efficiency.

The work presents three types of studies using the method of adjustment. Firstly, there was preliminary laboratory study exploring the influence of daylight on occupant controlled dynamic lighting in a laboratory office environment. Secondly, there was non-daylit laboratory study on occupant preferences for illuminance, and thirdly a scale model study on occupant preferences for correlated colour temperature (CCT).

The results suggest that the method of adjustment, previously used in the lighting literature, is not adequate to generalize about occupant preferences for illuminance or CCT. Factors that influence occupants’ lighting preference when applying the method of adjustment are identified as: stimulus range, pre-set anchors, adaptation time and control-output relationship of the lighting system.
StatusUdgivet - 2011

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