Office Building, Roskilde, Denmark. Parkvænget 25, 4000 Roskilde: IEA SHC Task 47 Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings towards Sustainable Standards

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Built in 1968 the office building was a typical precast concrete building with a very limited level of insulation. In 1991 the building envelope was renovated and insulation was added to the wall (175 mm) and windows were replaced with traditional double-glazed windows.
The main objective of the renovation was to reduce the overall energy consumption of the building while also improving the indoor climate. This was achieved by adding insulation to the
facade, replacing existing windows, improving air tightness of the building envelope, replacing the ventilation system and adding photovoltaic cells to the facade.
ForlagInternational Energy Agency
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StatusUdgivet - 25 nov. 2013

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