Perceived importance of indoor environmental factors in different contexts

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How the indoor environment is evaluated by an individual is influenced by many factors, i.e. a person’s state (physiological, psychological), the social and the built environment. These form a person's evaluation system of the indoor environment. Among further factors, the evaluation system comprises the importance of indoor environment factors. The aim of this paper is to explore context driven differences in the importance rating of indoor environment factors. Data from a survey collected among different groups of students (n = 300, temperate and tropical climate, 2006 - 2016) are compared with survey results from the German ProKlimA-Study (n = 4596). In both studies, the same questionnaire was used. The impact of sex, age, background and climatic zone is analysed. The results suggest differences in the importance caused by these factors. Because of the limited number of respondents and the consideration of only two climate zones, further research is required to identify different priorities towards indoor environment factors in different contexts. The results could support future context-specific design guidelines for indoor environments.
Titel International PLEA Conference Passive Low Energy Architecture 2017 Design to Thrive,
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ISBN (Elektronisk)978-0-9928957-5-4
StatusUdgivet - 2017
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BegivenhedPLEA 2017 - Passive Low Energy Architecture: Design to Thrive - Edinburg, Storbritannien
Varighed: 3 jul. 20175 jul. 2017


KonferencePLEA 2017 - Passive Low Energy Architecture


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