The present invention relates to a power converter system for a plurality of electrolysis cell stack units, comprising: a parallel arrangement of multiple DC/DC converter modules; wherein each DC/DC converter module is configured to power a single electrolysis cell stack unit; and wherein each DC/DC converter module is capable of supplying the electrolysis cell stack unit with a predetermined variation of current, power and/or voltage such that near-thermoneutral operation at part load is enabled by matching the integral Joule heat production with the integral reaction heat consumption inside the electrolysis cell stack unit, and/or wherein each DC/DC converter module is capable of reversing the current supplied to said electrolysis cell stack unit, causing said electrolysis cell stack unit to perform in fuel cell mode. The power converter system enables facilitated and inexpensive power distribution, long lifetime, as well as improved thermal management during operation of the electrolysis cell stacks. In further aspects, the invention relates to a power distribution system and electrolysis plant comprising said power converter system, as well as to related methods.
IPCC25B 1/042 2021.1,H01M 8/12 2016.1,H02J 1/00 2006.1,H01M 8/249 2016.1,H01M 8/04858 2016.1,H01M 8/0432 2016.1,H01M 8/04298 2016.1,H01M 8/04007 2016.1,H01M 8/0656 2016.1,H01M 8/18 2006.1,C25B 9/70 2021.1,C25B 15/023 2021.1
StatusUdgivet - jul. 2022


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