Precision Ventilation for an Open-Plan Office: A Study of Variable Jet Interaction between Two Active Chilled Beams

Haider Latif, Samira Rahnama, Alessandro Maccarini, Craig R. Bradshaw, Goran Hultmark, Peter V. Nielsen, Alireza Afshari*


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Precision ventilation is developed to achieve thermal comfort for occupants in an office by creating micro-climate zones. The present study aims to achieve individual thermal comfort for occupants with different metabolic rates by using higher airspeeds for enhancing heat transfer. The variable jet interaction between two ACBs with JetCone adjustments cause higher velocity jets to reach different regions of the occupied zone. The colliding jets from the center of a thermal isolated room were moved towards different zones in an office configuration with a constant room temperature of 23 °C. This study was conducted for five different cases in a room divided into four zones according to occupants’ metabolic rates. The experimental and CFD results show that occupants facing symmetrical airflow distribution and with a constant 1.2 metabolic rate (Case 1) had a similar predicted mean vote (PMV) index. The zones with higher-metabolic-rate occupants, i.e., 1.4 met and 1.6 met in cases 2 and 3 were exposed to air velocities up to 0.4 and 0.5 m/s, respectively. In case 4, the air velocity in the single zone with 1.6 met occupants was raised to 0.6 m/s by targeted airflow distribution achieved by adjusting JetCones. These occupants with higher metabolic rates were kept thermally neutral, in the −0.5 to +0.5 PMV range, by pushing the high velocity colliding jets from the center towards them. In case 5, the results showed that precision ventilation can maintain the individual thermal comfort of up to three different zones (in the same office space) by exposing the occupants with metabolic rates of 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 met to airspeeds of 0.15, 0.45, and 0.55 m/s, respectively.

TidsskriftSustainability (Switzerland)
Udgave nummer18
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2022

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  • Active chilled beams
  • Individual thermal comfort
  • JetCones
  • Metabolic rates
  • Precision ventilation


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