Prolonged experimental neck pain impair efficacy of exercise-induced hypoalgesia in healthy participants

Steffan Wittrup McPhee Christensen, Edith Lorena Elgueta Cancino, Morten Bilde Simonsen, P. Silva, Line Bay Sørensen, Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Rogerio Pessoto Hirata

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


Background and aims: Neck pain is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal problems. Those suffering from persistent neck pain may have a reduced exercise-induced hypoalgesic (EIH) or even a hyperalgesic response, opposite to what is seen in healthy populations.
The aim of this study was to investigate EIH in a healthy population following the onset of prolonged experimental neck pain.

Methods: Forty healthy participants were randomized to receive 0.5ml injections with Nerve Growth Factor (NFG) (5 μg) or isotonic saline (0.9%) into the right splenius capitis muscle on days 0 and 2. Disability due to neck pain was assessed using the Neck Disability Index (NDI). Pressure Pain Thresholds (PPTs) were recorded bilaterally over splenius capitis (neck), temporalis (head) and tibialis anterior (leg) muscles. This was done before and after a progressive exercise protocol using an arm crank ergometer on days 0, 4 and 15. EIH was expressed as the pre-exercise PPT subtracted from the post-exercise PPT.

Results: The NGF group displayed higher NDI scores on day 2 and 4 compared the control group (P<0.01).
For the neck site the control group had a greater EIH compared to the NGF group (P<0.01). For both the head and leg site the control group showed increased EIH at day 4 and 15 (P<0.05) compared to the NGF group.

Conclusions: The results indicate that even a few days with neck pain can impact EIH response. These results may help explain why some neck pain patients experience exacerbation of their symptoms during exercise.
Publikationsdatoapr. 2022
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2022
Begivenhed12th Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC) - Dublin, Irland
Varighed: 27 apr. 202230 apr. 2022


Konference12th Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC)


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