Property Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities: A global perspective

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Land Administration Systems are the basis for conceptualizing rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to people, policies and places. Property rights are normally concerned with ownership and tenure whereas restrictions usually control use and activities on land. Responsibilities relate more to a social, ethical commitment or attitude to environmental sustainability and good husbandry.

This paper provides an overall understanding of the concept of land administration systems for dealing with rights, restrictions and responsibilities in future spatially enabled government.

Finally the paper presents the role of FIG with regard to building the capacity in this area and responding to the global agenda.

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StatusUdgivet - 2007
BegivenhedHistoire de Voir le Monde - Quebec, Canada
Varighed: 2 okt. 20075 okt. 2007


KonferenceHistoire de Voir le Monde

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Enemark, S. (2007). Property Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities: A global perspective. Afhandling præsenteret på Histoire de Voir le Monde, Quebec, Canada.