Public-private partnerships in urban regeneration areas in Denmark

Michael Tophøj Sørensen, Christian Aunsborg

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The paper focuses formal as well as informal public-private partnerships (PPP) in Danish urban regeneration areas. The concept ‘urban regeneration areas’ was introduced in the 2003 Planning Act as old, remaining industrial areas within the city boundaries by now were recognized as an ressource for re-development. In 2001 it was estimated that 2.700 hectares – equivalent to 6-8% - of Denmark’s total industrial and commercial built-up areas were mature to be re-developed. However, despite this considerable re-development potential there has been a reluctant attitude to start re-developments. The structure of landownership is usually complex in the urban regeneration areas which are often a mix of ongoing and closed down industries etc. This makes it a challenge to start a re-development before all the industries in the area have closed down - at least if the intention is to convert the area into housing while neighbouring noisy industries go on. Beyond this, from a municipal point of view there are several public interests to manage when old, remaining industrial areas face re-development. The motive of the municipal council can either be regulative (safeguarding certain financial or other public/neighbour interests, e.g. exceeding what is directly permitted by written law) or supporting (encourage developers to re-develop an area, e.g. by subsidies). The purpose of the paper is to describe the range of possible partnerships between public and private partners, and to investigate their legal background as well as their efficiency regarding start and implementation of re-development. The analysis will be based on traditional legal method and a description of a single illustrative case-example from the Copenhagen region.
TitelShaping the change : XXIII International FIG Congress : Proceedings
Antal sider14
ForlagInternational Federation of Surveyors
ISBN (Elektronisk)8790907523
StatusUdgivet - 2006
BegivenhedInternational FIG Congress - München, Tyskland
Varighed: 8 okt. 200613 okt. 2006
Konferencens nummer: XXIII


KonferenceInternational FIG Congress

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