Real-time loudspeaker distance estimation with stereo audio

Jesper Kjær Nielsen (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


A method for estimating a distance between a first and a second loudspeaker characterized by playing back a first stereo source signal vector s1 on the first loudspeaker, and playing back a second stereo source signal vector s2 on the second loudspeaker, acquiring a first recorded signal vector x1, using a first microphone arranged adjacent to the first loudspeaker, and acquiring a second recorded signal vector x2 from a second microphone arranged adjacent to the second loudspeaker, wherein x1 and x2 are N-dimensional vectors, setting the distance equal to ηv/f, where v is the speed of sound, f is the sampling frequency, and η is an estimated sample delay of a source signal played back on one of the loudspeakers and a recording acquired by a microphone at the other loudspeaker.
PatentnummerUS9538309 B2
StatusUdgivet - 3 jan. 2017

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Also published as:
US2016249153 (A1) ― 2016-08-25

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