Recent casualties of late globalization

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In this essay I will expand my thoughts on universities as ‘late globalizers’ and the impact ‘being late’ has on university internationalization or globalization activities. In my earlier essay, ‘Shedding further light on late globalization’ (TBRPP-3), I viewed universities as ‘late globalizers’ and briefly introduced the impact of being ‘late’, e.g., withdrawal or de-internationalization of universities due to incompatibility between university autonomy and the context in the target country or universities unwillingness to compromise on their freedom and autonomy. De-internationalization or withdrawal of universities from international markets is a fairly recent, but largely unexplored phenomenon. And the empirical focus has been steadily shifting from anecdotal evidence towards a systematic, scholarly enquiry of the phenomenon. That contexts matter is not something new in international business or international management. Recent failures and de-internationalization of universities from international markets – or shall we say recent casualties of late globalization – highlight numerous problems and challenges universities face, and at the same time generate interesting and surprising findings that challenge not only international business theories, but also practice and public policy.
Publikationsdatofeb. 2016
UdgiverTBRP Perspectives
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2016


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