Reliability-Based Design of Coastal Structures

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The objective of this paper is to introduce the application of reliability theory for conceptual design and evaluation of coastal structures. It is without the scope to discuss the validity and quality of the various design formulae available for coastal structures. The contents of the paper is a combination of material presented in the following references: Burcharth, H.F. (1992) Reliability evaluation of a structure at sea. Proceedings of the Short Course on Design and Reliability of Coastal Structures. Venice, Scuola di S. Giovanni Evangelista, 1992. 23rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering. Burcharth, H.F. (1993) Design of Breakwaters. Aalborg University. Department of Civil Engineering. Aalborg, Denmark. (Note). Burcbarth, H.F., Dalsgaard S9lrensen, J ., Cbristiani, E. (1995} Application for reliability analysis for optimal design of monolithic vertical wall breakwaters. Proceedings Conference of Port and Coastal Engineering in developing countries. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1995.R
TitelAdvances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering
RedaktørerPhillip L-F Liu
Antal sider74
ForlagWorld Scientific
ISBN (Trykt)978-981-02-3016-6, 981-02-3016-8
StatusUdgivet - 1997

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  • Reliability Based Design
  • Coastal Structures


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