Resistance and digital and managerial capital. The strategies of teachers in handling a mandatory change of practice - The enactment of a learning management system in Danish schools

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Danish schools have since 2016/17 been required to use a learning management system (LMS). If used by the teachers, the logic embedded in the LMS potentially changes the way of teaching fundamentally.
Thus, teachers must decontextualize and re-contextualizing the logic embedded in the LMS in the field of schooling practices. This perspective of potential dissonance between policymakers and practitioners
underpins the significance of research that seeks to understand and explain how teachers handle the changes of practice triggered by the logics embedded in the LMS. Drawing on the growing interest in thinking with Bourdieu, this study provides an empirical contribution to the Bourdieusian literature on
how scholars can think with Bourdieu’s theory of field, habitus and capital in relation to the empirical data to go beyond the immediate reality in a given data-set. Additionally, this study aims to provide insight into how changes in the field of schooling practices emerge in different teachers’ strategies.
The study draws on 31 interviews with teachers, school principals and administrators to examine the following research question: What different practice strategies do teachers develop to handle the new structures in the field of school practices produced by using the mandatory LMS?
The results point to three different teachers’ strategies. First, some teachers developed a resistance strategy to work around the LMS. By contrast, the other two groups of teachers handled the changes of practice by employing a strategy of accumulating either digital or managerial capital and acting as an
auxiliary arm of local management
Publikationsdato5 jul. 2023
StatusUdgivet - 5 jul. 2023
BegivenhedBSA Bourdieu Study Group’s Mid Term International Conference - Barcelona
Varighed: 5 jul. 20237 jul. 2023


KonferenceBSA Bourdieu Study Group’s Mid Term International Conference