Retrofitting Listed Buildings: Measures, Savings and Requirements

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    The paper presents a case study where the energy demand for a listed building constructed in 1900 is reduced. Many older buildings are listed and have restrictions that include the entire building or that include only its exterior.
    For the building presented, only its exterior facade is listed. The paper demonstrates measures for the improvement of the thermal insulation of the building with solid brick walls. Durable customised measures are shown. The customised measures are required not to change the overall exterior architecture as the building is considered to contribute to the uniqueness of the local urban environment and therefore listed. The reduced energy demand, related to individual measures, is estimated and building physics requirements are addressed together with the economic options for evaluating the profitability.
    TidsskriftThe Open Construction & Building Technology Journal
    Sider (fra-til)174-181
    StatusUdgivet - 30 dec. 2011


    • Measures
    • brick building
    • retrofit
    • energy demand
    • building physics requirements