Robust and Fault-Tolerant Linear Parameter-Varying Control of Wind Turbines

Christoffer Sloth, Thomas Esbensen, Jakob Stoustrup

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High performance and reliability are required for wind turbines to be competitive within the energy market. To capture their nonlinear behavior, wind turbines are often modeled using parameter-varying models. In this paper we design and compare multiple linear parameter-varying (LPV) controllers, designed using a proposed method that allows the inclusion of both faults and uncertainties in the LPV controller design. We specifically consider a 4.8 MW, variable-speed, variable-pitch wind turbine model with a fault in the pitch system.

We propose the design of a nominal controller (NC), handling the parameter variations along the nominal operating trajectory caused by nonlinear aerodynamics. To accommodate the fault in the pitch system, an active fault-tolerant controller (AFTC) and a passive fault-tolerant controller (PFTC) are designed. In addition to the nominal LPV controller, we also propose a robust controller (RC). This controller is able to take into account model uncertainties in the aerodynamic model.

The controllers are based on output feedback and are scheduled on an estimated wind speed to manage the parameter-varying nature of the model. Furthermore, the AFTC relies on information from a fault diagnosis system.

The optimization problems involved in designing the PFTC and RC are based on solving bilinear matrix inequalities (BMIs) instead of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) due to unmeasured parameter variations. Consequently, they are more difficult to solve. The paper presents a procedure, where the BMIs are rewritten into two necessary LMI conditions, which are solved using a two-step procedure.

Simulation results show the performance of the LPV controllers to be superior to that of a reference controller designed based on classical principles.
Udgave nummer4
Sider (fra-til)645-659
Antal sider15
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2011

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