Samsø Energy Vision 2030: Converting Samsø to 100% Renewable Energy

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The purpose of this report is to investigate potential scenarios for converting Samsø into 100% renewable energy supply in 2030 with focus on local electricity and
biomass resources.
Firstly, a 2013 reference scenario is established to investigate whether Samsø
is 100% renewable today. Next, scenarios are developed reducing the heating
demand, expanding and installing large heat pumps in the district heating network
followed by an implementation of individual heat pumps in the buildings
outside of district heating areas.
Subsequently, a number of transport scenarios are created utilizing the local
electricity resources and converting biomass consumption from the heating
sector to the transport sector. The scenarios show that it is possible to
create an energy system in 2030 on Samsø only supplied from renewable energy
sources and only using local biomass resources. The results indicate that the
socio‐economic costs will stay similar to today and in addition, the scenarios can
potentially contribute to local job creation and at the same time enhance security of
Some of the risks in these developments are related to the technological
developments, the capital intensive investments required as well as the
implementation of the suggested measures.
ForlagDepartment of Development and Planning, Aalborg University
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ISBN (Elektronisk)978‐87‐91404‐74‐0
StatusUdgivet - 12 okt. 2015


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