Screening of IEQ content in five building certifications: An overview of indoor environmental quality content and weights in five building certification schemes for dwellings

Lasse Rohde, Gabriel Bekö, Ambra Guglietti

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportForskning


This report is part of the deliverables within the project PRJ-2021-00199 funded by
Realdania. The project is a collaboration between Danish universities, real estate
companies and building materials manufacturing companies to lay the foundation for adapting the recently developed IEQCompass to single-family houses. The
IEQCompass is a certification scheme that evaluates the potential of a building to
provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. It was initially developed for
multifamily social housing, and its adaptation, relevance and feasibility within other
building types will be evaluated.

- This report compares the existing version of the IEQCompass scheme with other certification programs focusing on the indoor environment of residential buildings.
- The investigated certifications were selected among the large number of existing building certification schemes considering the role of indoor environmental quality in the overall certification, the applicability for dwellings (mainly single-family homes) and the relevance for the Danish context.
- The report compares the indoor environmental quality aspect, structure, content and weighting of five selected certification schemes
ForlagInstitut for Byggeri, By og Miljø (BUILD), Aalborg Universitet
Antal sider21
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-563-2063-4
StatusUdgivet - 21 dec. 2022
NavnBUILD Rapport


  • Indoor environment quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Indoor air quality
  • Acoustics
  • Visual comfort
  • Building certification
  • Dwellings