Sea Slot Cone Generator Overtopping Performance in 3D Conditions

Lucia Margheritini, Diego Vicinanza, Peter Frigaard

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This note describes the influence of wave spreading, directionality and local bathymetry on the efficiency of the SSG wave energy converter Pilot plant in Kvitsøy, Norway. This is an overtopping device i.e. its efficiency is directly proportional to the overtopping flows in the three reservoirs the device has one on top of each others. The overtopping flow rates have been measured separately for each one of them, together with incoming waves during physical model tests at Aalborg University. The influence of the significant wave height Hs and of the wave length L on the captured overtopping water is also described. It has been found that the performance of the SSG Pilot will be negatively affected by spreading and directionality of the incoming waves as direct consequence of reduction on the overtopping flow rates of 10% - 35% compared to 2D conditions.
TidsskriftISOPE - International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Proceedings
Udgave nummer18
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedThe International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE) - Vancouver, Canada
Varighed: 6 jul. 200811 jul. 2008
Konferencens nummer: 18


KonferenceThe International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE)

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Paper No. 2008 TPC-364


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