Sectional Rail System as Base for a Plate Covering

Niels Dollerup (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


The present invention concerns a sectional rail system which is constructed with the known outer rails with U-shaped cross-section and intermediate rails with C-shaped cross-section, and which is peculiar in that each of the retention means of the outer rail includes at least one stop pin which is disposed close to the inner side of the screw web of an outer rail, preferably two stop pins disposed opposite each other close to the inner side of the screw webs of the outer rail, where each stop pin furthermore is provided with a support flange for supporting an end part of the reinforcement web of the intermediate rail. The fastening means of the outer rail may thus include one, two or more stop pins, and one or more resilient lock pins.

Hereby may be achieved provision of a tool-free assembly method for the sectional rail system and that by screwing on plate covering close to the edge part of the intermediate rail, it is avoided that the screw web and the associated reinforcement web “capsize”.
Patentnummer US2011056155
StatusUdgivet - 27 maj 2014


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