sEEnergies - Industry mitigation scenarios and IndustryPLAN tool results

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The IndustryPLAN tool targets the lacking middle ground between highly site-specific analyses of individual production facilities and generalized nationally aggregated analyses. The purpose of the IndustryPLAN tool is to open the black box of industry and provide a framework for developing sub-sector specific analyses on both a country-specific and European level. This is done by establishing both disaggregated industry energy demands for all countries of the EU and an extensive catalogue of potential mitigation measures for the future. Applying the energy efficiency first principle, the IndustryPLAN tool provides a framework for investigating the industrial energy sector in the context of the renewable energy transition. The user is provided with a flexible platform for developing future industry energy scenarios based on a range of potential energy efficiency measure, electrification measures, and hydrogen fuel shift measures. This report presents the scenarios resulting from the detailed analysis of the European industrial sector in the sEEnergies project. The scenario results provide the inputs necessary for representing the industry sector in further holistic energy system modelling in tools such as EnergyPLAN.
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StatusUdgivet - 23 dec. 2020


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