Shaping Participation: The Case of Meadowlands Environmental Group, South Africa

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This paper analyses the shaping of citizens’ efforts to influence the environmental conditions in the local community based on a case study with a community-based organisation (CBO), whom is active in a South African township. The aim of the paper is - To show how this type of participation can be analysed by a social construction approach with focus on social-technical processes involving actors and their interpretation of the environmental problem and solutions - To discuss the outcome of this type of processes within the concept of ‘capacity development in environment’ (CDE) In relation to the concept of ‘participation’ we see such efforts of citizens as participation in the shaping of the local environment in the township. That is, we are not only focusing on the participation in well-defined projects, hearings etc., but also in the shaping of what is seen as problems and what is seen as solutions in relation to the environmental conditions. We are of course also interested in formal procedures for participation, but see such procedures (or lack hereof) just as one of the structures involved in the shaping of the efforts of the citizens.
ForlagDepartment of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, DTU
Antal sider14
StatusUdgivet - 2003
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