Shedding further light on late globalization

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In his essay on ‘What and/or Who is Late’, Nikhilesh Dholakia delineated inter alia “stage-setting contexts” or levels of analysis which could shed light on the phenomenon of late globalization, including its causes and effects. Indeed, these, especially the effects in contemporary context, are less understood and researched. To stimulate research on late globalization, Nikhilesh essay is a rich source for conceiving research questions. Herein I will try to do that. At meta-theoretical level, it is useful to understand the relationship between globalization and internationalization, or between outside-in and inside-out phenomena. At macro, nation-state level, the role of timing (being early or late) in terms of globalizing is an interesting area of inquiry; e.g., what are the benefits or downsides of late (early) globalizing? At meso level, the impact of late globalization on industries and sectors is yet to be well understood. As an outside-in phenomenon, how has late globalization driven and still drives the fragmentation of value chains within national borders? What are the effects of globalization on organizations and industries value chains? Furthermore, at meso level – context indeed matters and here might be nothing new. Nonetheless, we maintain that the role of context and institutions in globalization era needs more research by altering levels and units of analysis. At micro level, the enduring question yet remains: how does late globalization affect massively complex human and organizational behavior?
Publikationsdatojan. 2016
UdgiverTBRP Perspectives
StatusUdgivet - jan. 2016


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