The act of sketching is often associated solely with the work done by the professional artist, designer or architect. But looking through the cookbook, The Paul, the multiple sketches of food constructions leave us with the impression that we might need to expand this understanding; the artist in question is the celebrated chef Paul Cunningham, and he is sketching the most wonderful food into existence. In this paper, Cunningham’s work is presented and discussed within the framework of the sketch, introducing notions of Roland Barthes to suggest how the act of sketching might have a space in the kitchen, and to carefully draw the lines between food construction and architecture, between food and art.
TidsskriftESSE art + Opinions
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 2019


Fisker, A. M., & Heilmann, A. E. U. (2019). Sketching Food. Manuskript under forberedelse.