Sliding Control with Chattering Elimination for Hydraulic Drives

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This paper presents the development of a sliding mode control scheme with chattering elimination, generally applicable for position tracking control of electro-hydraulic valve-cylinder drives. The proposed control scheme requires only common data sheet information, no knowledge on load characteristics, and employs piston- and valve spool positions- and load- and supply pressure feedback. The main target is to overcome problems with linear controllers deteriorating performance due to the inherent nonlinear nature of such systems. In order to accomplish this task, an integral sliding mode controller is developed for the control derivative based on a reduced order model. Simulation results demonstrate strong robustness when subjected to parameter perturbations and that chattering is eliminated.
BogserieApplied Mechanics and Materials
Sider (fra-til)168-171
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2012


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