This chapter presents the challenges and barriers that the modern smart grids (SGs) are facing from different perspectives. The SG technologies have been introduced in order to appropriately monitor and control the modern power systems. The power and energy flow from large-scale power generation units to the consumers through transmission and distribution power networks. The chapter presents the challenges and barriers SGs face in terms of control, operation, planning, marketing, and reliability. Microgrid technology in distribution systems may pose some marketing issues to operation and planning of modern electric power networks. The paradigm shift from the top-down structure to the distributed structure in modern power systems poses new challenges in terms of reliability. Cyber security should be considered in both planning and operation phases of modern power systems. New marketing and operation regulations are required for distribution systems in the islanded mode to guarantee system security as well as optimal and stable operations.

TitelSmart Grid and Enabling Technologies
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781119422464
StatusUdgivet - 2021


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