The paper is based on analyses done in the TRANSIT project (Transformative Social Innovation Theory) about the role of co‐creation in social innovation as part of the theory development in the TRANSIT project. It was observed in the project that several social innovation (SI) initiatives can be characterised as ‘co‐creation spaces’ that facilitate the development of new knowledge and practices, both within and across the boundaries of state, market and civil society. The spaces are co‐produced over time in interaction with existing institutions and contribute to empowerment through creation of shadow provision systems, enhanced knowledge resources, and civil society participation in new governance structures. The paper gives an overview of spaces for co‐creation as social innovation and presents university‐based science shop as a specific example.
UdgiverCenter for Design, Innovation og Bæredygtig Omstilling
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 16 sep. 2018

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