Social Welfare in East and West – A Tranquilizer for Dialogue

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    Policies in Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia in particular, but also Malaysia and the Philippines) in a comparative perspective with the East Asian experience (Japan, Korea and Taiwan - excl. labor), and the Scandinavian experience with corporatism (incl. labor). Are there lessons to be learned from models of social provisioning, with the ultimate objective of ensuring decent and secure lives for all citizens - particularly the poor, the excluded sectors in society and the unemployed? However, given the degree of uncertainty that currently prevails, this paper will not attempt to offer definite conclusions or policy prescriptions. As a matter of fact, in terms of social welfare, equity and labor market policies the pre-crisis model of East Asia might offer lessons for the West and vice versa. Mutual learning and dialogue must be the key for future understanding and cooperation.
    Publikationsdatojun. 2010
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