Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Similarity Measures: A Comprehensive Survey and Quantitative Study

Danlei Hu, Lu Chen, Hanxi Fang, Ziquan Fang, Tianyi Li, Yunjun Gao

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Spatio-temporal trajectory analytics are useful in diversified applications such as urban planning, infrastructure development, and vehicular networks. Trajectory similarity measure, which aims to evaluate the distance between two trajectories, is a fundamental functionality of trajectory analytics. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive survey that investigates all the most common and representative spatio-temporal trajectory measures. First, we provide an overview of spatio-temporal trajectory measures in terms of three hierarchical perspectives: Non-learning vs. Learning, Free Space vs. Road Network, and Standalone vs. Distributed. Next, we present an evaluation benchmark by designing five real-world transformation scenarios. Based on this benchmark, extensive experiments are conducted to study the effectiveness, robustness, efficiency, and scalability of each measure, which offers guidelines for trajectory measure selection among multiple techniques and applications such as trajectory data mining, deep learning, and distributed processing. Specifically, i) <bold>Effectiveness</bold>: In terms of trajectory length, DFD and Seg-Frechet are length-sensitive, while OWD and Hausdorff always return same results when varying query trajectory length. In terms of trajectory shape, LCRS and LORS are able to effectively find similar trajectories for query trajectories with different shapes; ii) <bold>Robustness</bold>: Learning based measures are more robust compared with non-learning based ones. Among non-learning based measures, DFD, Hausdorff, OWD and Seg-Frechet are relatively non-sensitive to noises and different sampling rates; and iii) <bold>Efficiency&amp; Scalability</bold>: Compared to non-learning based measures, learning based and distributed based measures are more efficient and scalable.

TidsskriftIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Sider (fra-til)1-21
Antal sider21
StatusUdgivet - 10 okt. 2023

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