Stretch Sensor Device

Ole Højgaard Simonsen (Opfinder), Henrik Karstoft (Opfinder), Simon Lind Kappel (Opfinder), Dan Hermann (Opfinder), Michael Skovdal Rathleff (Opfinder), Peter Ahrendt (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


The invention relates to a method for determining stretch values and movement of body parts, e.g. a foot, by analysing stretch data from a stretch sensor. By analysing data from the stretch sensor it is possible to determine stretch samples which are associated with particular motion phases. Thereby the stretch values determined from the stretch samples have a particular physical meaning since they are associated with particular motion phases.
IPCA61B 5/11 (2006.01)
PatentnummerPCT/DK2012/050341, WO2013041101
StatusUdgivet - 28 mar. 2013
Udgivet eksterntJa