Technical Background Material for the Wave Generation Software AwaSys 5

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"Les Appareils Generateurs de Houle en Laboratorie" presented by Bi¶esel and Suquet in 1951 discussed and solved the analytical problems concerning a number of di®erent wave generator types. For each wave maker type the paper presented the transfer function between wave maker displacement and wave amplitude in those cases where the analytical problem could be solved. The article therefore represented a giant step in wave generation techniques and found the basis for today's wave generation in hydraulics laboratories.
ForlagDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
Antal sider114
StatusUdgivet - 2010
NavnDCE Technical reports


  • AwaSys 5
  • Waves
  • White Noise Filtering Method
  • Short Crested Waves
  • Long Crested Waves
  • Wave Characteristics
  • Digital Filters


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