The Crisis of “Passive Revolution” in The Era of Global Capitalism

    Publikation: Working paper/PreprintWorking paperForskning


    This paper provides a framework of understanding how globalization has reshaped the terrain and parameters of social, economic and political relations both at the national and the global levels and has exerted pressure on the resiliency capacities of capitalism. It proposes to examine the ways social relations of domination and subordination are produced, reproduced and maintained while continuously undergoing transformations. Through studying the evolution of the capitalist world order in a historical perspective and by exploring the changes of relations brought about by the intensification of globalization since the 1990s, the intention is to generate a perspective for understanding such a process based on the application of Gramscian and Polanyian theoretical and analytical categories so as to comprehend that the process also produces the self-imposing contradiction: i.e. reducing the legitimacy of capitalism’s hegemony and especially limiting its resilient capacities.
    UdgiverCentre for Globalisation, Europeanisation and Democracy, Institute for History, International and Social Studies, Aalborg University
    Antal sider27
    ISBN (Trykt)8791550017
    StatusUdgivet - 2004


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