The Danish Eco-System of Science for Policy: Discussion Paper

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This report discusses the provision of research-based evidence for policymaking in Denmark. It provides for the first time an overview of the most important roles and responsibilities that make up the Danish ecosystem of science for policy. The report has been commissioned by The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) as part of an on-going effort to review and improve the use of research-based evidence in Danish policymaking. DFiR invited the authors to draft a discussion paper that presents an overview of the eco-system of scientific advice in Denmark as well as challenges and items for future consideration.
ForlagUddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet | Danmarks Forsknings- og Innovationspolitiske Råd
Antal sider34
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87- 93807-44-0
Rekvirerende organisationDanmarks Forsknings- og Innovationspolitiske Råd (DFiR)
StatusUdgivet - 19 apr. 2021


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