The Integrated Renovation Process: case studies detailed report

Nicolas Galiotto, Per Heiselberg, Mary-Ann Knudstrup

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The Integrated Renovation Process (IRP) is a user customized methodology based on judiciously selected constructivist and interactive multi-criteria decision making methods (Galiotto, Heiselberg, & Knudstrup, 2014 (expected)). When applied for home renovation, the Integrated Renovation Process for Homes (IRP4homes) supports, informs and reassures homeowners to decide on a sustainable renovation of their home while getting the corresponding associated benefits and therefore a home more adapted to their lifestyles. The IRP4homes also helps the building experts to be more effective for the quantitative analyses and the generation of the renovation scenarios so they get more time for the cost optimisation and the qualitative analysis of the homeowners’ needs, wishes and behaviours.
ForlagDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
Antal sider118
StatusUdgivet - 2014
NavnDCE Technical reports


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