The Internet of Everything: Advances, Challenges and Applications

Nilanjan Dey (Redaktør), Gitanjali Shinde (Redaktør), Parikshit Mahalle (Redaktør), Henning Olesen (Redaktør)

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportAntologiForskningpeer review


In the era before IoT, the world wide web, internet, web 2.0 and social media made people’s lives comfortable by providing web services and enabling access personal data irrespective of their location. Further, to save time and improve efficiency, there is a need for machine to machine communication, automation, smart computing and ubiquitous access to personal devices. This need gave birth to the phenomenon of Internet of Things (IoT) and further to the concept of Internet of Everything (IoE).

This book aims to present different aspects of IoE, challenges faced by IoE and its applications, divided into 8 chapters. This multifaceted coverage of the various verticals and IoT layers is the main attraction of this book.
ForlagDe Gruyter
Antal sider176
ISBN (Trykt)9783110625486
ISBN (Elektronisk)9783110628517, 9783110625783
StatusUdgivet - 2019
NavnInternet of Things


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