The need for diverse and safe Learning Factory Environments

Flemming Pors Knudsen, Lars B. Iversen, Kurt Lindgren, Lasse Christiansen

Publikation: Working paper/PreprintPreprint


In much adult education, some participants cannot immediately see the benefit of what and why they must learn. The reason for this can be that they are 'sent' to education without experiencing a need for learning, or they cannot see the educational content reflected in their daily routines. In both cases, the better the learning facilitator/designer can provide a convincing learning environment, the more motivated the participants. If adult learners experience perceptions contrary to their own, they try to reconcile these perceptions so that there is coherence in their universe of meaning. However, in this way, the learning process starts. The diverse and safe learning factory environment concept aims to make a more relevant learning environment and let the learner bridge these perceived gaps easier. A relevant learning process needs to contain a balanced degree of challenge in the form of 'disturbances'. If the challenge is too small, the participants' motivation is limited because the content is not interesting or relevant. The participants are bored. If the challenge is too great, the participants' motivation decreases because it creates uncertainty. The participants become insecure and feel unsafe. Therefore, it is central that the learning factory environment is scoped and targeted with respect to the participants' diverse perceptions and can relate to them through diverse interactions. Furthermore, the type and scope of challenges also affect the design of the learning environment. This paper investigate concepts to create well-scoped learning factory activities, and diverse environments towards adult learners enrolled in learning factories for further education. These concepts are described with regards to both operational models and didactics, targeting diverse learners and circumstances.
StatusUdgivet - 7 apr. 2022


  • Prior knowledge
  • learning factory
  • adult learners