The repetition effect in building and construction works: A literature review

Bidragets oversatte titel: Gentagelseseffekten i bygge- og anlægsarbejde: Et litteraturstudium

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This report summarises the results from the work undertaken for the Public Transport Authority on the effect of learning and repetition in building and construction works. The results are applied by the Public Transport Authority in a new budgeting model, while the agency investigates the establishment of a new railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted. Drawing on an extensive literature review, the effect of repetition is determined to be in the range of 6-12 %. Further, the report identifies a series of factors affecting the possibilities of achieving effects of repetition. These factors are then applied on the Public Transport Authorities' main account structure of units and costs, and a method for assessing the possibilities of achieving effects of repetition for each account is described. Finally, the report summarises the core conditions necessary to take into consideration in relation to the above findings.

Bidragets oversatte titelGentagelseseffekten i bygge- og anlægsarbejde: Et litteraturstudium
ForlagSBI forlag
Antal sider47
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-563-1404-6
StatusUdgivet - 2010


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