Three-Dimensional Model Test Study of a CUBIPOD Armoured Roundhead

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The present report presents results from a three‐dimensional model test study carried out at Aalborg University in the period September 2008 - December 2008. The model tests were carried out to study the stability of a CUBIPOD armoured roundhead under short‐crested wave attack. Few long‐crested wave tests were performed as well. One objective of the tests was to compare the stability of CUBIPOD armoured roundheads to the stability of cube armoured roundheads. This could be done by choosing a model test setup identical to that previous used in a study of the stability of a cube armoured roundhead for the Punta Langosteira breakwater at La Coruna. To have a direct comparison some of the new test series were reproduced with cubes also. This was done with identical steering signals send to the paddles.
ForlagDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
Antal sider89
StatusUdgivet - 2009
NavnDCE Contract Reports

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  • Three Dimensional
  • Model Test Study
  • Wave Attack
  • Compare
  • Stability


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