Transnationalising Civil Society? Theoretical and Empirical Reflections on how to Transnationalise Citizenship

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The paper takes a transnational perspective on developing an analytical framework for understanding how transnationalism interacts with civil society and how immigrant organisations use transnational strategies to challenge
the pre-given positions of immigrants within given integration- and citizenship-regimes. Locating transnationalism as part of the political opportunity structure also indicates that the state(s) to some degree can facilitate transnationalism, directly and indirectly. A substantial part of political engagement now occurs via transnational channels. What is uncertain is to what degree, what kind of groups and which types of aims are pursued via these channels and this type of engagement. The paper ends with some preliminary empirical findings of transnational engagement and
organisation among Alevis and (Turkish) Assyrians in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.
UdgiverCOMPAS University of Oxford
Antal sider35
StatusUdgivet - 2008