This paper presents the EXOTIC- a novel assistive upper limb exoskeleton for individuals with complete functional tetraplegia that provides an unprecedented level of versatility and control. The current literature on exoskeletons mainly focuses on the basic technical aspects of exoskeleton design and control while the context in which these exoskeletons should function is less or not prioritized even though it poses important technical requirements. We considered all sources of design requirements, from the basic technical functions to the real-world practical application. The EXOTIC features: (1) a compact, safe, wheelchair-mountable, easy to don and doff exoskeleton capable of facilitating multiple highly desired activities of daily living for individuals with tetraplegia; (2) a semi-automated computer vision guidance system that can be enabled by the user when relevant; (3) a tongue control interface allowing for full, volitional, and continuous control over all possible motions of the exoskeleton. The EXOTIC was tested on ten able-bodied individuals and three users with tetraplegia caused by spinal cord injury. During the tests the EXOTIC succeeded in fully assisting tasks such as drinking and picking up snacks, even for users with complete functional tetraplegia and the need for a ventilator. The users confirmed the usability of the EXOTIC.
Udgave nummer18
Antal sider23
StatusUdgivet - 13 sep. 2022


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