Utzon(x) 2013 - Tetra Leaf: Unfolding Utzon

Bidragets oversatte titel: Utzon(x) 2013 - Tetra Leaf: I dialog med Utzon

Lasse Andersson (Producent), Isak Worre Foged (Producent), Poul Henning Kirkegaard (Producent), Mads Brath Jensen (Producent), Dario Parigi (Producent)

Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstform2D/3D (Fysisk produkt)Forskning


Among the possible ways to reconsider Utzon’s legacy, one can look at his strategies for variation and repetition in the light of the recent development of computer software, parametric modeling, computational techniques, digital fabrication and their application in architectural design and engineering. During the two weeks of the Utzon(x) Summer School 2013, twenty-five Danish and international students have worked on creating the Tetraleaf project displayed in the Utzon Center court yard and unfolded as a working process in the exhibition space. Enjoy!
Bidragets oversatte titelUtzon(x) 2013 - Tetra Leaf: I dialog med Utzon
Publikationsdato14 sep. 2013
Størrelse80 m2
StatusUdgivet - 14 sep. 2013

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Udgivelsesmedie: Udstilling Utzon Center Aalborg


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  • Parametrisk Design
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