Visual bias in subjective assessments of automotive sounds

Wolfgang Ellermeier, Søren Vase Legarth

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In order to evaluate how strong the influence of visual input on sound quality evaluation may be, a naive sample of 20 participants was asked to judge interior automotive sound recordings while simultaneously being exposed to pictures of cars. twenty-two recordings of second-gear acceleration presented via headphones were combined with an equal number of full-screen color displays of car models selected to exert either a positive, or a negative bias on ratings of the 'powerfulness' of the sounds. After having being presented with the ensuing 44 combinations, subjects also rated the sounds alone, as well as the impression of powerfulness conveyed by the pictures presented in isolation. It turned out that concurrent, task-irrelevant presentation of biasing pictures exerted a strong, and statistically significant influence on the participant's ratings of powerfulness. The variance in responses accounted for by the pictures was roughly one fifth of the variance due to the sounds themselves. In physical terms, the picture manipulation shifted ratings of powerfulness by what a change in overall sound-pressure level of approximately 2-3 decibels would accomplish.
TitelProceedings of Euronoise 2006 : The 6th European Conference on Noise Control
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 2006
BegivenhedEuronoise 2006 - Tampere, Finland
Varighed: 30 maj 20061 jun. 2006
Konferencens nummer: 6


KonferenceEuronoise 2006

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