Voltage Controlled Dynamic Demand Response

Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai, Birgitte Bak-Jensen, Pukar Mahat, Jayakrishnan Radhakrishna Pillai

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference proceedingKonferenceartikel i proceedingForskningpeer review

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Future power system is expected to be characterized by increased penetration of intermittent sources. Random and rapid fluctuations in demands together with intermittency in generation impose new challenges for power balancing in the existing system. Conventional techniques of balancing by large central or dispersed generations might not be sufficient for future scenario. One of the effective methods to cope with this scenario is to enable demand response. This paper proposes a dynamic voltage regulation based demand response technique to be applied in low voltage (LV) distribution feeders. An adaptive dynamic model has been developed to determine composite voltage dependency of an aggregated load on feeder level. Following the demand dispatch or control signal, optimum voltage setting at the LV substation is determined based on the voltage dependency of the load. Furthermore, a new technique has been proposed to estimate the voltage at consumer point of connection (POC) to ensure operation within voltage limits. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is analyzed comprehensively with reference to three different scenarios on a low voltage (LV) feeder (Borup feeder) owned by Danish electricity distribution company SEAS-NVE.
TitelProceedings of the 2013 4th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT Europe)
Antal sider5
ForlagIEEE Press
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-147992984-9
StatusUdgivet - 2013
BegivenhedIEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe, ISGT 2013 - Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 6 okt. 20139 okt. 2013


KonferenceIEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe, ISGT 2013


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