Waterfront redevelopment processes in Aalborg, Denmark: Making sense of different planning logics

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Waterfront redevelopment processes have been an important topic of research in the planning domain during the past decades. This has been particularly evident in the case of projects associated with large metropolitan areas such as London, To-ronto, Boston or Barcelona. However, planning research in relation with medium-sized or smaller cities undergoing waterfront redevelopment remains somewhat unexplored. In contributing to fill in this gap, this paper explores different processes of urban regeneration comprised within the practice of waterfront redevelopment in Aalborg, Denmark. In doing so, the paper takes on such planning processes through an in-depth analysis of different waterfront redevelopment sites. The pa-per attempts to elaborate an understanding of planning not only as a means to control development but also as a market-driven practice. In doing so, it provides descriptive and analytical accounts of a mixture of different plan-led and market-driven planning logics that emerge behind waterfront redevelopment practices in a Danish context.
Publikationsdatoapr. 2011
Antal sider29
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2011
BegivenhedAAG Annual Meeting - Seattle, USA
Varighed: 12 apr. 201116 apr. 2011


KonferenceAAG Annual Meeting

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