11th International Conference on Social Representations

Vlad Petre Glaveanu (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


The creativity of the past: Tradition as a standard and resource in folk art This papers explores the role of tradition in creative production taking folk art as a case study. It is argued that traditions are formed by a system of representations and practices trasmitted from generation to generaton but also constituted for artisans and lay audiences by a social representation of what is ‘traditional’. Creativity in the context of craft is shaped both by representations from the past and representations of the past since its meaning is related most often to the idea of mastery, of using tradition in ways that both continue and ‘take it forward’. Examples of creative production in the artistic craft of Easter egg decoration in Romanian communities will be offered to illustrate the use of tradition in creative work both as a standard against which new creations are evaluated and a resource, a pool of representations artisans draw from in an effort to advance their craft. In the end an image of Easter egg decoration emerges as a ‘neo-tradition’, continuously reconstructed in action and representation.
Period27 Jun 2012
Event typeConference
Conference number11th
LocationEvora, Portugal