2nd Nordic Science and Technology Studies (STS) Conference

Morten Krogh Petersen (Organizer)

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Organiser of the Session 'STS in the Field'. Call for papers here: ““Ethnographic” has become the most overused term in the discipline of anthropology,” Tim Ingold has recently stated (Ingold 2014: 383). This, to Ingold, results in an asymmetrical relationship between researcher and researched and thereby undermines anthropology’s dedication to the “co-imagining of possible futures” (Ingold 2014: 392). Within the field of STS ‘ethnographic’ is also widely (over)used to describe empirical work and may indeed imply very different kinds of engagement with the phenomena studied. In the quest for highlighting relations between entities, mapping out networks, or outlining closures in democratic or scientific decision-making processes, ethnographic material is often produced and trimmed in very different ways and serving different analytical or theoretical purpose. However, we are currently witnessing the coining of notions that seek to generate a more symmetrical relationship between researcher and researched. Examples include ‘co-fabrication’ (Whatmore 2003), ‘being at risk’ (Stengers 1997) and ‘compositionism’ (Latour 2010). But what, more precisely, do these notions imply for conducting fieldwork? How does one, through such notions and practical field engagements, not only co-imagining but also co-produce possible futures? In this session, we invite papers that describe and reflect upon concrete fieldwork-related experiences and challenges in STS. Questions could include: − What does the qualifier ‘ethnographic’ do to STS fieldwork encounters? − Is co-imagination and co-production always possible and desirable? − How – specifically and concretely – can one interest the field under study in co-imagination and co-production?
Period27 May 201529 May 2015
Event typeConference
Conference number2
LocationKøbenhavn, Denmark