2nd Tourism Postdisciplinary Conference.

Dianne Dredge (Speaker)

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This presentation examines the opportunities and potential issues in post-disciplinary learning and scholarship in the context of problem-based learning (PBL). In this project, two students and their supervisor recount the development of a post-disciplinary PBL project wherein the students explored voluntourism in Shatila Refugee Camp, Lebanon. Despite years of education, progressive attitudes built from diverse life, work, volunteer and travel experiences, and the best-laid research plans, once in the field the research took several challenging turns. The data collection presented many fluid challenges requiring the students to garner a level of agility, resourcefulness and self-reflexivity well beyond the structured approaches and methods that characterize the literature. Their positions as researchers and their opinions about the subject matter changed on a daily basis and thus their disciplinary and methodological preferences also shifted. The students became acutely aware of the boundedness of their own thinking, and the value of different types of knowledge residing in a range of actors, many of whom had “exceeding huge bags of experiences and horrible memories”. Not surprisingly, processes of sense-making were not limited to a research process that could be defined by a beginning and an end, but became deeply transformational and ongoing to this day. Drawing from the students’ creative and scholarly outputs including a blog written in the field, photography, field notes, emails between the supervisor and the students and the thesis itself, this presentation adopts a dramaturgical perspective to explore the social interactions that underpinned the post-disciplinary sense-making associated with this project. Through this presentation we demonstrate that PBL, as a post-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning, can transcend bounded ways of thinking and provide the freedom to explore new liminal spaces of understanding. We argue that in the process the journey of learning, of self-reflexivity and personal development, students become empowered to think creatively, imaginatively and innovatively equipping themselves as future problem solvers.
Period22 Jun 201524 Jun 2015
Event title2nd Tourism Postdisciplinary Conference. : Freedom. Art. Power.
Event typeConference
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark


  • tourism
  • voluntourism
  • post-disciplinary
  • Problem Based Learning